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Student Data Matters

About Unison

Unison standardizes current and past education data and makes it available anywhere, in whatever form it’s needed.

Education data today

K-12 data is Complicated

Every jurisdiction has its own standards and policies. Systems have been added over time. Teachers are choosing their own apps. Data sources don’t talk well to each other. How does everyone critical to a student’s success get the data they need?

A wide range of users and organizations seek to share a region’s education data in a complex set of relationships with high cost and many points of possible failure.

Can data be converged or synced? Can a solution scale? Can overall governance be assured?

The Unison education data switch & managed service

Unison eliminates data silos. And ensures better education data quality and actionability across a region… safely and securely.

Helps stakeholders support goal of improved student success.

Removes friction between applications sharing education-related data.

Unison supports dozens of source & destination systems today, with proven ability to add more rapidly.

Data protected with industry-leading safeguards—only transformed, never mined or otherwise monetized.

The problem

Unique challenges of K-12 data

Our Solution

Unison education data switch

About us

Safeguarding critical data since the 1980s


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We’re headquartered in North America with offices in Toronto, Boston and Wellington, New Zealand

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